Speedy Lovers - who likes the 25?

  1. I own 2 30's (Azur and mono) and wondering about getting another (damier ebene) in the 25 size. I love the capacity of the 30, but honestly, I don't always carry much around with me. I know a lot of people think the 25 is too small...but I am thinking it could be a nice size for going out?
  2. I :heart: my mono speedy 25. Its the perfect size for me, not too big not too small just perfect!
  3. I love the 25. I had a mono 35 but sold it because it was too big for what I usually carry around. I have an azur in 30 right now but I don't use it as much because I don't carry too much with me anymore. I think the 25 is perfect because it's small but also big enough to carry all my junk. I have a damier and monogram speedy 25 now.

    If you don't carry too much when you're going out, I think you should go for a 25. :yes:
  4. I have the 25 in damier and I absolutely love it!
  5. I have an azur 25 and it's perfect!
  6. I think I have said this a thousand times in here - but here goes again! I LOOOVE the 25! It's not that small of a bag - but you have to USE it to realize this. I carry a TON in mine. I also like that I can use it everyday and also into the night - it's not a huge bag and can look cute in the evening. I use my mono speedy 25 everyday and am planning on getting an azur 25 soon for this spring!
  7. I always thought the 25 was too small..but now reconsidering! thanks!
  8. I have the Mono, Damier, and Epi speedy 25's and they are perfect! I don't carry too much, but I could hold a ton if I needed to.
  9. I have the speedy 25 in damier azur.. it is a little small for me for everyday.. I LOVE MY MONOGRAM SPEEDY 35!!! Out of everything I have, it is probably my favorite. I have 3 speedy 30s too.. I'd say they are the perfect standard everyday purse..
  10. love my mono 25!
    not big but can carry alot.
  11. I can put all my stuff in my damier 25. I like the cuteness of it and how I can use it for night. I put a foamboard inside so it'll keep its shape as I like my 25 that way. For my mono 35 I like it slouchy so I put extra stuff just to make it look slouchy.
  12. I have a 25 in red epi and as much as love it .... it does scratch my hands when I get my stuff in and out of it!
  13. i love the 25! just the right size for me.
  14. ME!! I love the 25 for several reasons. In fact, I just got my first 30 so I can really compare the two now, having only had 2 25s before...

    1. keeps it shape better, looks more structured
    2. can go from day to night, informal to more formal or dressier
    3. actually holds everything I need, including either a change of shoes or a hat/scarf/ gloves set, surprisingly...
    4. doesn't bump into people and things as much as the 30
    5. not half as heavy as the 30
    6. not as bulky as the 30, even when stuffed full

    I do love my 30, but it is pretty bulky and has taken some getting used to. It's not good for parties or bars like my 25; with my 25 I could conceivably hold a drink in one hand and raise my arm with the speedy on it to shake hands without looking/ feeling awkward... can't do this with the 30!

    The 30 HAS come in handy for me when stuffing a lot of things in, and I like the oversized look (I'm 5'6") but I think if I get an Azur speedy I might get a 25 because I'm scared of all the bumping around my 30 gets.

    ETA: a couple of pics...

    Me with 30:

    Me with 25 (sorry for the flash):
  15. Love the pics!