Speedy lovers please help

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  1. I just recently purchased (online) a speedy 30 which I loveee, because she's sooo pretty. However, I'm thinking of exchanging her for a neverful. She has stayed in the box since receiving her 3 days ago. My problem is that after carrying her, around the house, it seems as though I will get tired of not having the option to put it on my shoulders. This bag is going to be my everyday bag, and as much I would like to order both bags I can't. Has anyone added a strap to their speedy? If so can you show me a pic? I have to make a decision soon because the closest LV store to me is 1 1/2 away so i will probably just mail it back.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Congrats on your new LV! the Speedy don't have the same hardware loop for shoulder strap as Alma has, >>here's<< a link with pic of Alma and info on straps. Perhaps someone could post a pic of Speedy w/ shoulder strap too.
  3. I have seen pics of people putting a strap on their speedy so you may want to try to do a search on the board. I think it was in the reference area that I saw a few, but can't remember because I have been looking at so many threads lately. I am having the dilemma of whether to get the azur speedy or nf right now myself. Decisions, decisions!
  4. Keep the speedy and get a strap.
  5. I would keep the speedy and get a strap. It's such a classic!
  6. I would exchange it for a neverfull- I have both, and the nf is a much better everyday shoulder bag- I think Speedys look kind of weird with straps on them.
  7. This is what I was concerned about. I will keep searching for pics of the Speedy with the strap.

    Decisions! Decisions! At least this is a fun decision to make. :yahoo:

    Thanks for your advice ladies!
  8. Keep the speedy I just got mine yesterday and love it!!! :biggrin:
  9. I just found a picture and I'm not feeling the strap. :pout: It might be the way the lady was wearing it, so I'll keep searching.
  10. Keep the speedy. The neverfull has too many faults for me. (Thin strap, peeling etc...)
  11. Sounds like you are more of a shoulder bag person. To me, speedy looks best handheld. It somehow looks awkward carried with a strap. I'd say exchange it with the NF if that's what you foresee yourself using quite a lot.
  12. Get the Neverfull if you are more of a shoulder bag person.
  13. I prefer the look of the speedy over the neverfull. Stick with the speedy!!!
  14. hello, i am waiting for a strap in the mail for my speedy 25 in damier ebene for the same reason. the 30 is bigger so it might not be as feasible since it will be quite a bit heavier. pls be careful since i have read about the neverfull having strap problems (a previous poster talked about it too)
  15. It sounds like you would rather have a shoulder bag, it might work better for you. I would exchange your speedy for the nf, and then save up and get the speedy at a later date. That way you could rotate the bags and wouldn't have to carry a hand held all the time. Good luck with your decision!