Speedy lovers, how many Speedy do you own?


How many speedy do you own?

  1. None

  2. 1-2

  3. 3-5

  4. More... I am building a Speedy Palace!

  1. I am now have 2 Speedys, Speedy B 25 in impreinte, Speedy B 30 in DE. I always loved boston styled bag but I just LVoe Speed:heart::heart:So i am putting my wish list again for Christmas (lol) and my husband asked me why i need same shaped ones. He has a point but there are so many variations to choose! My coveted Speedys are: WC, and WT:flowers:
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  2. My first Speedy was the Speedy B in DE 35 back in 2016. It was my most used purse for 2 years straight. This year, I got the Speedy B 30 in Azur and also the WT with black handles. Next on my radar is the empreinte 25. I love the shape and versatility! I don't think you can have enough Speedys! :smile:
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  3. I know. I am using non stop. When I switch i am constantly searching for stuff in my purse

    I am eyeing on WT mono with black handle too. Cam u post pictures?

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  4. I posted a few in the WT Clubhouse page. I love how carefree it is!
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  5. I have a Speedy B DE 30, which is my most used bag, a Speedy DA 30 and Speedy DA 25.
  6. I have a speedy DE 35, and two of the masters collection; van Gogh and Rubens. I also had a speedy mono 30 but that one was deemed defective.
  7. I have a Speedy B 30 in DE, a B 25 in DE and a B 25 in DA. I used to own the B 30 in DA (twice) and the B 25 in mono, but sold them (and I regret selling the mono). I constantly think about getting a B 25 in mon mono. And I once bought the B 25 in empreinte, but it was the new model and the strap was wayyy too long for me, so I didn't keep it.
  8. I have 4 Speedy B 25s: DE, DA, Monogram and Empreinte Noir. DE is my favourite and most used LV bag.
  9. I have a Speedy B 30 DE and Speedy B 25 Mono. I am looking to add Speedy B 25 in DE and selling the 30 as I feel its too big for me.
  10. Oh no. What's wrong with it?

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  11. I agree DE is such care free bag. I tried to use my empreinte but the weather not so good here

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  12. Really? I find 25 bit too small. I am always carrying too much. (I see what in your LV post and realized that)

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  13. I feel like I really should have mono next so I am going for wT with black handle. I hope they won't stop until i have money!

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  14. I can only afford the one (Speedy B 30 Damier Ebene) but I love it a lot. :biggrin:
  15. I agree especially price going up so much. I think I will work more to get more speedy

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