Speedy Lovers!!!! How Many Do U Have?

  1. HHMMMM.... so how many do u have?? post pics of it!!!! (if u have the pics availiable) i wanna get my third one but my friends said im crazy to buy three of the same bags! lols btw, did someone already created a thread like this one? :love:
  2. Welcome to the forum.
    I'm sure if you do a search this thread has been brought up before..
  3. i have 3and 35 cm mono and i am thinking of getting another 30 cm monogram. i don't think it's crazy having several. they each have their purpose.
    30cm damier,25cm monogram
  4. I have 5: Mini lin ebene, damier ebene 25, damier azur 25, mono 25 and red epi in 25!
    I love them, they are so useful. It's a classic style. We can't have too many speedys!!!
  5. ive got 3, azur 25, mono 25 and my fav mini lin croisette 30
  6. i have 5 too:

    Monogram 25
    Damier 25
    Mini Lin Ebene
    Denim Neo-Speedy
    Cerises 25

    to me a different line is a different bag :p
  7. My speedies are:

    Mono 30
    Multicolore white 30
    Multicolore black 30
    cerise 25
    damier azur 25
    denim neo lichen
    black epi 25


    i WANT a damier speedy 25 and a mono 35 & 40 one day.
  8. I have 3. Black MC, Mono 25, White MC

  9. I have 4:
    Mono 30
    MC Black
    Damier 25
  10. Two for me.
    Mono 30 & Azur 30
  11. i have 4!!!
    mono 25
    damier 25
    mc speedy
    mirage speedy
  12. MONOGRAM 35, CHRISTMAS PRESENT (the 30 looks WAY to small and wierd on me:shrugs:). AND:graucho: a long gold or multicolor bag charm (an after Christmas present)!!!
  13. I have two: epi red 25 and mono 25

    and this year I plan to get: damier ebene 30, damier azur 25 and mono 35!
  14. I'm working on my first - Damier 25 (but its sold out on elux).
  15. 2! Damier and Epi...LOVE them!