speedy lover with qu's

  1. 1. Do you think the damier is a manly print? I am loving ( suddenly and unexpectedly) it and its luscious red interior.

    2. Is the cotton/ linen easily pulled on the mini lin? I also like this one as it is a little softer but am worried as i tend to be a little rough. Does it only come in the one size? is it more like a speedy 30 in size?

    3. Last qu around how much in $aust for the speedy 25 in damier?

    Thanks to everyone in advance. i am trying to make my decision on my next great purchase.:smile::smile:
  2. Hi! I can give some opinions for questions 1 and 2..but not sure for 3..

    1) Damier is such a nice print..monogram can look mainly too, all depend on the design of the wallet or bag..I have a damier speedy 25 and it is low maintenance cos it will not get dirty easily. The red lining is a plus point cos it is a nice deep red! Damier speedy looks girly and can go with formal or informal clothes. Which damier size you eyeing??

    2) Mini lin speedy only comes in a size 30. It is beautiful and will not get dirty easily too. But I guess if you are too rough, it may frizz after some time..hence when I am using my mini lin, I will try to be more gentle, as compared to the damier one..some said that the mini lin will sag more than the damier one..but to me, no problem as I have placed a cardboard at the bottom.

    I love both speedies! No regrets on the two bags at all!
  3. I love speedy 25 in damier, I have mono speedy 30 but some time i think it is too big for me (if i just carry wallet, mobile phone, tissue and cosmetic pouch). will consider to buy damier speedy 25 one day !
  4. I am not a damier fan - but I am not in the norm. Most ppl here love it. I am not sure if it looks "manly" to me or not - I just don't love it like I do the mono.
  5. i don't think the damier is a manly print. let's just say both boys and girls can enjoy and carry it :graucho:

    if i'm not mistaken, the speedy 25 is either AUS$830 or 840 :smile:
  6. I'm not a Damier Fan too. I had the Alma in Damier, but i weared it only twice (after that eBay!). Now i have the Speedy 25 in Epi red and the Speedy Mini Lin Dune. The Mini Lin is only a Summer-Bag i think. But i like it very very much!
  7. 1) i dont think its manly at all, i love the print because its not as commonly seen around town like the mono

    2) i have had my mini lin since it came out & i have used and abused it, its still in the same condition as the day i bought it. No fuzz or pulls (except the original ones that was on it already). Although, lint tends to get stuck to the fabric (you can see it on the ebene color) so i just use a lint remover brush on it.

    Hope this helps!
  8. im not a damier fan. its too masculine looking for me.
  9. I thought Damier's history was that it WAS supposed to be for men, originally -- but then, of course, got expanded into the women's lines. I'm not the hugest fan -- but I DO want a Damier piece (or two!) for my little collection at some point. I do think it looks good in a Speedy.

    I just got the Mini Lin Noe this weekend and the SA told me that it's really not supposed to be used everyday because it can pill and wear down. I'm a stay-at-home mom, so I'm not out and about like I used to be from day to day, so I'm not very concerned. I LOVE Mini Lin in a Speedy! The print is subdued and so very pretty, IMO.

    Have fun deciding!!
  10. I LOVE my Mini Lin speedy (only one size a 30)!!!! The 30 is a perfect size for me. The 25 is feels to small. I just keep a magazine on the bottom for the sag problem. What I love about it is it has dark handles and you still get the LV print and it is different not everyone is carrying it. The Mini Lin is also lighter to carry which is another plus.
  11. I LVoe my damier 25!!! Not manly at all imo, just understated! Its sooo easy to look after, if you are rough with your bags, the damier is perfect, no worry about vachetta!
  12. i prefer monogram canvas. the damier is just print. If imma spend 600 dollars or more on a bag i want people to know what it is. Maybe I sound shallow but thats how i feel lol
  13. ITA. I guess I am shallow also. That is why I love the Mini Lin. You get the LV Monogram and dark handles. The best of both worlds and not everyone is carrying it is another plus.

  14. i love the damier print for being so suble. I don't want people to know i wear an exspensive bag. I love mono to but you get so much stares plus damier is super sturdy
  15. I'm not a fan of damier either. For some reason, the look of it has never grown on me. However, I DO agree that it is the most durable of all the lines because there is not vachetta to worry about and since the bag is dark, I do believe it will stay looking brand new for a very very long time. As for whether it's manly... not really BUT, if I were to chose a "manly" line btwn damier, azur, or mono.... then damier would surely be the "manliest" of the three. HTH.