Speedy love hate relationship....


Jul 28, 2006
Just wanted to share to see if this has happened to anyone else. A few weeks ago I was going to selll my speedy 30 because I thought that I was a shoulder bag gal...so anyhow I put it away for two weeks and brought it out just this weekend and it was love all over again. I am glad that I did not sell it and I love my speedy...it is weird because at one point I thought that I did not like my speedy anymore and right now I think it is totally awesome....:wtf:
That's one of the reasons why I can't let any of my bags go, I fall in and out of love with them all the time. It's so much fun rediscovering an old bag that has been sitting in the closet, it's almost like getting a brand new one.
LVpug, don't sell your speedy. It's an iconic piece that will last you a life time. As your collection grows and you rotate your bags or admire them... whatever... You will always appreciate the fact this piece is the one that lead you to collecting LV.:flowers:
Pug, I am glad you didn't sell your speedy, so far no hate relationship yet my my speedies. I always fall in love all over again anytime I carry one of them. At this moment, I am in love with my Speedy Azur
truthfully, if i had to choose one bag over all my others, i would def choose my speedy 30, despite it being the cheapest. Its my everyday bag, I LOVE being able to throw all my stuff in there and just zipping it up and going out. It is a very functional bag for me :P
thank you everyone!!! I am glad that I did not sell it. A few weeks go I thought that shoulder bags were more for me but, rediscovered how much I actually love my hand held speedy...it is gorgeous on....what was I thinking...