Speedy Locks

  1. What do you do with the locks that come with the Speedys? Me, I just put them away... I don't think I'd actually use them to "lock" my purse... I'd forget the key somewhere! :smile:
  2. I keep them on the tab cause I'd misplace it once I set it down somewhere :p
  3. I keep it on the tab because I think it is so cute!
  4. ^^ same here!
  5. leave on the tab with 1 key
  6. i think leaving the key dangling with the lock is kinda tacky (no offence).
    i don't want to lose mine so i keep it in side the bag on the little d lock inside, is it?
  7. I hang the lock on the tab and put my keys on the d-ring inside the bag so I'll never lose them;)
  8. I keep the lock on the tab with the keys...I think it is cute.
  9. Ditto this! :yes: I love the way the lock looks on the tab!
  10. Lock on the tab keys in the inside pocket...but now with the good tip I'll hook them inside. :smile:
  11. I just leave them on the bag. I hook the keys to the lock also, since they're on that jump ring and can be easily removed, should I want to take the lock off. Also, I like the tinkling sound it makes by having it on the tab :yes:
  12. I hang the lock on the tab and the keys inside.
  13. I sometimes hang the lock on the tab but most times i forget and juist leave them inside the pocket. I hate how it stretches the hole and makes its dirty.
  14. I never place any of the locks or clochettes on my bags:shame: They are all stored in a box where my receipts, care booklets, tags etc are also located:yes:
  15. I put mine away too.