Speedy lock: where do you keep it?

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  1. My lock is on the outside but I have no clue where the key is!
  2. Outside, with keys in my jewelry box. It is just so "part" of the speedy look for me.
  3. i used to carry it on the leaf coz it looked cute but noticed a dent after a few weeks so i took it off....
  4. I hang mine outside as well.
  5. Put in inside pocket with the small box or clear plastic so it won't against the leather if I put on the leather leaf unless it's Speedy PErfo ;)
  6. I take if off my Speedy. I never liked the lock on it anyway... Plus, I heard that brass ones tarnish a lot and make the vachetta (on mono, azur bags) tabs black.
  7. I also keep mine on the outside and I keep the keys at home in my jewelry box.
  8. Mine is hanging on the leaf..just as it was when I initially purchased my bags... This is the way I like it. I think the Speedy just isn't the same without the lock. Keys are inside of my personal safe with my jewelry...
  9. Outside here too.
  10. I totally keep mine on the outside!
  11. outside on the leaf without the keys :smile:
  12. on the outside, on the outside!
  13. outside
  14. outside!
  15. outside, the first time i took my speedy out i hadnt taken the keys out, good job i didnt lose them!