Speedy lock: where do you keep it?

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  1. outside. i would probably forget where id put it if i took it off
  2. My lock is also on the outside. My keys are inside.
  3. outside forsure.
  4. definitely the outside. It looks weird w/out the lock.
  5. Outside
  6. Outside. Keys are put away in a drawer.
  7. I keep it on the outside.
  8. I keep it in the hole for it on that end leaf but only the lock, the keys I keep with my jewelry so they don't get lost. I love the look of it w/ the lock and think the empty hole looks sad and like it's missing something.
  9. my little damier 25 is naked but i'm thinking about adding the lock...hmmm...decisions decisions!!!
  10. I just bougth a speedy mini lin, and the lock turn kind of brown????? I got it at LV Cancun. So I dont know what to do, is it becuase the brown leather? are they supposed to look gold shinning all the time......advise please
  11. I keep my lock on the outside of my damier speedy all the time, but i usually don't lock my mono speedy b/c I hate how it pulls the leaf down and makes it out of shape.
  12. wait? how come i didnt get a lock for my mini HL!
  13. For those of you who keep your locks on the outside leaf... doesn't the lock turn the leather a darker shade?
    I also heard that the lock stretches out the leaf.
    Have you guys experienced this or not?
  14. I keep my lock on the outside and leave the keys in the dustbag.
  15. I keep mine on the outside. To me, its part of what makes the Speedy the Speedy :yes: ;)