Speedy lock: where do you keep it?

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. Thanks for the pic!!

  3. DUH!!!! I meant to say jewelry for the BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!:blink: :lol:
  4. Outside
  5. I keep it on the outside and keep the keys on my keyring.
  6. I don’t use the lock. I put the keys and the lock in their original box and keep them in a drawer.:oh:
  7. I keep my lock on the outside. And I hang the spiral coil (that holds the 2 little keys) on the D-ring inside.
  8. I Do Both.
  9. Locked on the little tab on the back of the Speedy. I agree, it does look like jewelry for the bag. :amuse:
  10. Second that...I kept mine on the side.
  11. On the outside tab for my epi Speedys, lock and keys are in the box for my Speedys with vachetta trim. I'm anal about my bags, and don't like the marks the lock puts on the vachetta. Yeah, I'm a freak!:biggrin:
  12. I carry my lock and the key outside.
  13. outside..but without the keys :smile:
  14. I think it looks so cute on the outside of my bag on the leaf
  15. Outside.