Speedy lock: where do you keep it?

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  1. mine is also on the outside.
  2. I think its part of the overall look of the Speedy to have the lock and key on the outside.
  3. I have it tucked away in my drawer. LOL. I haven't taken out my Speedy 40 yet but I have put a simple small charm in place. Just my preference. For my other one, outside.
  4. outside... it's too adorable to be hiding inside
  5. On the outside!!! I feel that it completes the Speedy.
  6. I take off the locks on all my LVs, except with my Speedy 35 I kept the lock on the outside.
  7. Where should the keys be kept?
  8. Outside.
  9. Outside.
  10. With the lock?? Sorry if this is a stupid question. I just purchased my bag and the lock was on the bag but the keys were in the little box. I guess I would have to leave one key in the box so that I could actually get the lock off when I decide to take it off :smile:
  11. i keep mine out the outside, attached the flap that sewn to the bag. one of the keys is on my keyring and the other is in my jewlery box.
  12. Thanks for responding!!:biggrin:
  13. I put the lock outside and the keys in D ring inside, for some a reason speedy needs the lock.
  14. Outside.
  15. I like the lock on the tab on the outside of the speedy too. It is like the jewelry for the back. It completes the look.:love: