Speedy lock: where do you keep it?

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  1. Do you keep the lock for your speedy on the outside of the bag, or do you clip it on the inside? It never occurred to me to clip it on the inside hook until I saw a pic of one on ebay like that.
  2. I keep it on the outside...I feel like a part of the Speedy is missing when I take it off.
  3. I keep it on the outide as well :smile:
  4. Outside too.
  5. Outside
  6. Outside.
  7. Definitely outside!!!
  8. Outside. I don't think it looks right on the ring inside.
  9. I usually put it in the interior pocket.
  10. outside (oh and always end up loosing the darn key anyway!)
  11. I have it outside as well.
  12. If you put it in the inside pocket make sure you totally empty your bag before you turn it upside down over the trash bin. I for one like to keep my lock on the outside of the bag but carries the keys in the inside pocket. Upon cleaning out my bag I accidentally threw out the keys when I turned it over the trash bin. Did not realize what I had done until 2weeks later. Contacted LV and gave them my lock # and they were kind enough to give me a replacement key. Care to know... I no longer carry the keys in my bag. :biggrin:
  13. I saw a pic of Paris Hilton with her keys in the lock on the outside of the bag. :weird: I know for sure I'd lose mine if I did that.
  14. on the outside, it just looks right!
  15. Outside of my bag, i've attatched it to the inside ring, to the outside handle and its just not hte speedy ..
    So it stays on the outside :smile: