Speedy List?

  1. If there is a complete list of all Speedy bags, (current and discontinued) could you point me to it? I searched but couldn't find anything. My new obsession (if buying LV period wasn't already enough of one) is to try to get as many from my list as possible. Here's my list some I have, some I just know of and one I'll never find!

    Monogram Canvas Speedy
    Nomade Speedy
    Cerises Speedy
    Graffiti Speedy
    Black Multicolore Speedy
    White Multicolore Speedy
    Epi (all colors-I want Vanilla) Speedy
    Mini Lin Speedy
    Damier Speedy
    Damier Azur Speedy
    Denim Speedy
    Miroir Speedy
    Dentelle Speedy
    Patchwork Speedy
    Perle Vernis Speedy (yeah I know-good luck)

    What am I missing?
  2. what about those vintage French Co Speedy?
  3. Looks like you got them all to me! :yes:
  4. BIG list!! I think you've got them all!
  5. How about Multicolor Fringe (Franges) Speedy, Mono-Perfo Speedy, and exotic leather speedy (usually custom)?