Speedy-like. Segur or Turenne. Help.

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  1. I'm on the fence. I want a top handle bag that is roughly the size of the speedy 30, but has a larger opening and isn't as popular. I'm stuck between the segur and Turenne. I love the pleats, but wonder if there is too much vachetta on the segur. Then again, all that vachetta is gorgeous! Thoughts? Anyone that can give pros and cons of either?
  2. I personally love the Turenne!
  3. I love the segur
  4. The Segur will be discontinued soon so if it's on your radar now is the time to buy
  5. Tureen, it is more worry-free. :smile:
  6. The Turenne would be my choice, only because it seems like a lighter bag to carry and so cute.
  7. My non-Speedy Speedy is the Retiro NM :smile:
  8. I would get the Turenne - I think it looks classier. :smile:
  9. I love both ! But I think the turenne would be more worry free as there is no vachetta corners . In the end , get what you love :smile:
  10. I have had my Turenne mm since it was released and I love it. The opening is bigger than the speedy 30. Things don't move around in the Turenne. When I had my speedy I could never find anything. The Turenne is kind of a structured bag so it holds its shape. I love the look of the Segur but have never seen it in person. I do like a bag with less vachetta.
  11. Thanks everyone. I was about ready to buy the Turenne when I found a decent deal on a preloved Segur and my heart tells me that's the one I love...but it's preloved on eBay and that's alOur trampoline is now wedged upside down between mine and the neighbor's house. That takes a lot of wind! That thud scared me wide awake.ays a craps shoot. Ack. The choice is killing me.
  12. LOL !!! That is alot of wind ! The Segur is truly a very pretty bag . Has lots of style . I think you should go with what your heart is telling you :smile:
  13. for cross body use, i think the Turenne would be more flattering and more user friendly bc of the shape plus less vachetta. if you're using the bag strictly as a handheld and the strap is for "just in case" kind of situation then Segur is prettier.
  14. What the heck...clearly didn't read before submitting. Auto correct at its worst. Lol.
  15. Not sure if you check Yoogi's Closet for pre-loved items, but they have a "like new" Segur listed today for $1595. I was tempted to grab it myself:P
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