speedy kusama..yay or nay?!

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  1. hi dearies,

    well..i tot i won't be getting anything from tis collection but ive been dying to get something so i bought the red kusama agenda(will do the reveal later ;) )but of coz after watching the reveal video's by melissa soldera,i want one too!i already got the speedy b 30 mono,speedy perforated fuchsia 30 and the brown watercolor 35.should i get the speedy white kusama?wat do u think?:graucho:

  2. Definitely yay! I just picked up my Kusama speedy and LOVE it! :smile:
  3. ohhh...so tempted to get it!!i shouldn't watch the video..lol :biggrin:
  4. would love to see your red agenda reveal!!! i was thinking of getting one also... could you use it as a wallet do you think????
  5. ohh yes!because its pm and ive a filofax in medium size so i dun need so much in it.i can put a few cc and cash then im good to go :cool:
  6. thanks!!! good to know!!! i was thinking of buying some plastic card insert sheets so i can put more CC's and stuff in!!
  7. get a Kusama Speedy! I've been using my blue Kusama Speedy all week -- LOVE IT!!
  8. Yay for sure! Get it while you can!
  9. ohh the blue is beautiful!hopefully i'll be getting me one next week!*crossingmyfingers*
  10. ohh this is really growing in me very fast..i think at tis point,i NEED the white speedy.lol.
  11. i'll try to use it today.will do a reveal and review bout the agenda later :graucho:
  12. great!!! So looking forward to your reveal!
  13. Get a kusama speedy. I've been wanting a blue kusama speedy but my store said it's sold out nationwide. :sad:
  14. Oh..I should have not watch the video..
    Now I can't sleep and that Kusama speedy will only in my mind...
    Oh my..I Amin trouble now..
  15. Yay, love the Kusama collection! =D