Speedy Inclusion Key Chain

  1. Hey all!

    To those of you who have Speedy Inclusion Key Chains, how do they hold up? Do they scratch easy? Dent? Chip? Is the hardware sturdy or is there a chance of it falling off if I put it on my bag?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. i don't have one, but i saw one today and I wanted one :smile:
  3. The white is sooo gorgeous!!
  4. I have one, been using it as a keychain for a few days now...so far no scratches
  5. They hold up beautifully, just make sure they don't scrape against anything and they'll be fine. Usually when they're on a bag, they don't move around much but they would have a tendency to get more scratched on keys instead.
  6. And the pic..hehe. Still waiting for my Pomme one though. Sigh.
  7. nice!!! well too bad they don't make this in the transparent version (or do they?), otherwise this time I wouldn't mind magnifying the bag and all its pretty details :graucho:
  8. I want tbe beige SO bad!!!
  9. Thanks Rebecca! I was waiting for you to post to this thread since I knew you had a bunch. I just got word that there's a Framboise here in Hawaii so maybe I'll call and put it on hold tomorrow.:yahoo:
  10. Hehe. No transparent for this one. I never understood why they made the Speedy keyring, hair cubes, barrette and cell charm in the white, then made the ring and bracelet in the transparent. I wish the whole line would have been white lol.
  11. No problem!
    Oooh...I hope you get it!!!
  12. It was this picture that hypnotized me to buy the Beige on Tuesday :love:
  13. Aww hehe. I love being an LV enabler. Congrats on your purchase-I'm happy you found a beige one!!
    I can't wait for my Pomme one and the Amarante in June!
  14. the hardware is very sturdy, just like those clips on Cles, i personally use mine as charm b/c i can't buy a replacement of the same color in store.

  15. Me Too! I want the white one. :yes: