Speedy Inclusion Key Chain vs Disco Ball Key Chain


Which Key Chain should I get?

  1. Framboise Speedy Inclusion

  2. Disco Ball

  3. Neither, get...

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I, like everyone else have caught the accessories bug. Prior to TPF I never would've thought about spending even 50 dollars on a key chain but here I go. I have a Framboise Inculsion Speedy Key Chain on hold for pick up today. Should I get that or the Disco Ball Key Chain? I am a big fan of Abba, Disco, Flash Dance, etc. and was born in the 70's. I also love pink.

    So, help me choose or suggest something else.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Speedy Key Chain all the way!
  3. Geeez. Lol I have both so this is HARD. But honestly if you have the Framboise one on hold, I'd get that one. It seems like the Speedy Inclusions are a bit harder to find so you might not find one later.
  4. OMG what a choice!! I haven't voted as I cannot make up my mind which I would prefer, both are fabulous. It would be perfect for you if they made the disco ball in pink I think :yahoo:
  5. I have the mirrorball keychain in silver...and I'm scared to use it...I'm afraid I'm going to ruin all of the dangly bits. Its beautiful though. I think the speedy would take more of a beating though.
  6. I agree:yes:
  7. Lol I hate to say it but I have the same one and put it on my Miroir Speedy for awhile. I've bashed it into doors and it still looks really pretty. I think it'd be more susceptible to scrapes, but then again, the Inclusions can get scraped also.
  8. I wonder if I can swing both (my goodness I have TPF Fever). I know my DH would recognize the Speedy but I don't think he would recognize the Disco ball. I am imagining the silver disco ball hanging from the mirror of my new :wtf: van :rolleyes: . Hmm...maybe I'll pose that to my hubby. I'll let you buy me a van if you let me "decorate" it? LOL
  9. Haha..that's good! Ask him :graucho:

  10. hehe thats a fantastic idea! You will be one of the coolest mini van drivers out there! :supacool:
  11. Speedy! I think it is sooooo adorable!!! :cutesy:
  12. I think disco. What bag are you putting it on? My favorite is the jack and lucie in both colors for difft. bags, but the disco is really cool too.
  13. Well I just voted for the speedy because It. Is. Awesome. But then I read the idea about pimping the minivan, and I think if you have to drive a minivan you should definitely rock it with the disco ball. So get both. :devil:
  14. This is a tough one... I'd go with the Disco ball because it stands out more, IMO.
  15. Speedy keychain!