Speedy in Singapore

  1. I'll be going to Singapore for my business trip in April, and thought about buying Speedy Azur 30 over there. Could someone please tell how much they cost there? I guess I can claim VAT refund at the airport as well, cant I?

    I've this stupid deal with bf and it's basically "no shopping till April" :cursing::cursing::cursing: So business trip will be in April just when the deal ends. Finally.

    Thank you for your help.
  2. last heard speedy 30 is sgd1020. tax in singapore is 7%. yes u can claim tax refund at airport.
  3. 1020 is tax inclusive right? Pretty good deal then.
  4. Well at least you have some time to plan it out and look forward to your new bag! :smile:
  5. do u have ot call to make sure they have stock?:tup:
  6. Oh yeah, can you imagine the disappointment when I arrive there and they don't have it?! :tdown::tdown::tdown: