Speedy in Mini Lin Dune

  1. How well do you think this is gonna do? Think it'll be too hard to clean?
  2. I have heard that it is actually fairly easy to keep clean. I just got mine last week, so haven't used it yet, but let me tell ya...I CAN'T WAIT!
  3. I think the cream color is really nice.
  4. i really like the color, think i might have to get it
  5. I think it looks gorgeous, but I wouldn't buy one...I can just see myself spilling something on it!
  6. I think the colour is gorgeous, but I imagine it might wear like the mini monogram and pick up dirt over time.
  7. i like it, but I KNOW i would get it dirty!
  8. i love it, but i fear if i get it i will get it dirty...
  9. Loove the color-