Speedy in Mini Lin Dune or Pomme Roxbury

  1. Totally different I know. I just think they both look great. I guess I'm looking for opinions on wear, dirt, staining, etc.
  2. I like the Pomme Roxbury more.
  3. really hard to choose..both are on my wishlist
    pomme roxbury is gorgeous but more of evening/going out bag
    mini lin you can carry almost anytime/anywhere..why not get both?:devil:
    sorry I'm no help
  4. Pomme Roxybury - go for the punch!
  5. I like pomme roxbury more.
  6. Mini Lin Dune. Gorgeous bag!
  7. Today i saw the min lin in Dune and it looked a bit cheap, JMO.

    I would choose pomme roxybury!!!
  8. Pomme roxbury for sure. I'm not really into the Mini Lin dune. I like the ivory epi SO much better. JMO tho.;)
  9. Roxbury. I have it and it is incredibly versatile. You can wear it dressed up or dressed down. It can be a shoulder bag or handheld. Just a great bag!
  10. Sorry but I m biased cos I just got my Pomme Roxburry. Love it and got lots of compliments for it.
  11. I like the pomme roxbury-love vernis bags!
  12. I say mini lin speedy because i think the roxbury has a weird shape lol!
  13. What about the speedy in ivoire??? :graucho:
  14. I know I'm biased but I like the mini lin dune speedy ... it's just so fresh and clean looking, makes you want to break out all your summer clothes!
  15. I would be terrified of spilling anything on the mini lin dune... even brushing up against a dirty car! Etc.

    I have the pomme roxbury and I adore that baby. :love: