Speedy - in a XL size???

  1. I have seen this mentioned in a few post and was wondering if there is a new speedy coming out that is XL. A few tpfer's posted that they were waiting for the XL speedy.

    Just wondering.......
  2. there are some bags with Xl in title but no speedies
  3. Speedy sizes: 25, 30, 35, and 40
  4. I also saw that someone said they were waiting on the XL speedy. I wondered what they were talking about................
  5. Maybe they were talking about the 40...anything bigger than that would look like a keepall won't it?
  6. ^
    YEs and it should also have the straps all the way around as it's to support the weight and avoid handles tearing and wearing.
  7. Oh, I'd love an XL Speedy... Well, not TOO big, but maybe a 35 or 40 with longer straps so you can wear it over your shoulder :graucho:
    Still don't know why they don't sell those - I think they would sell a lot.
  8. The Speedy 35 and 40 are sold regularly at LV. I own a Speedy 35 and found that it was too big for me to use as an every day bag. However, someone recommended that I use it as a travel bag instead.