Speedy Idylle with Strap - thoughts?

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  1. hey everyone, would like to get your thoughts on the speedy idylle bags..

    i've been wanting to get a speedy bag but i really dont like top handle bags at the moment.. so im kinda leaning towards the speedy bag with straps so the bag can be carried via arm/hand or shoulders if i get too tired.. the only speedy bag available with strap right now is the speedy idylle.. im having second thoughts on the bag because its canvas and i can only wish the damier ebene speedy is available with straps..

    any thoughts? im not too familiar with LV's canvas bags so i dont know how it looks like when it gets worn out.. an SA my friend talked to last time said the fabric can get to linty after several use :sad:

    any thoughts? should i get it? TIA! :smile:
  2. I think they look cute with the straps, but you shouldn't force yourself to get it if you really want something Mono or Damier. Also, you can attach a long strap to the Damier Speedy if you want to. You would have to buy the strap separately, though.
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    I saw one in sepia color in real life
    My hubby's friend's wife got one from her in-law. Lucky! :sad:
    It's really cute. I would carry it with the straps, since I don't have handheld. heh

    I would prefer the Damier Ebene style though, looks classier
    Idylle looks more casual.
  4. I have the sepia and i LOVE it but recently developed some denim transfer. I'm super bummed about that but I must say I love having that extra strap to play around with!
  5. i personally LOVE it and thinking about getting it too but if you're thinking of the damier speedy have you ever thought of buying a separate strap and use it on your speedy?
    i use my WC speedy with a strap from my keepall and it;s great!
  6. I prefer canvas bags myself... So why not go for a shoulder bag in mono or ebene?
  7. I saw a lady carrying one in Fusain and I think it looks great on her. I am thinking of getting the long strap for my Mini Lin Speedy in Ebene.
  8. Yeah, I've seen someone with the Fusain with the strap & It looked awesome... I probably would have never even considered it until I saw it IRL. My rule is if I don't LOVE it right away, I probably won't later on... which has been true for most of my LV purchases... you should get something you'll love!!
  9. I'd go for the speedy ebene with strap or even an ebene Alma with strap. I think the Idylle speedys are cute but the fabric seems so high maintenance (denim transfer issues, snags, etc).
  10. I quite like the Idylle Speedy. Much more than other Speedys.

  11. Me too! I am contemplating on whether to get this as my next purchase or the trevi pm. :thinking:
  12. Someone told me today, there shall be one more batch of them made and then the line shall be stopped.Apparently there have again been to many complaints about them ( just like the mini lin ).
    If you realy want one, maybe you need to get one as long as you can.
  13. I really like the Idylle Speedy. If I wanted a Speedy with a strap, this is the one I'd get. I don't like straps on the Mono/Damier Speedys.
  14. I have the Fusain Speedy and I LOVE her, but I can't say I've used her long enough to know if there are any real issues. I think the color is great -- sort of looks black or brown depending on what you wear it with. And like you said, the shoulder strap is an awesome addition; makes it easy for me to throw it on my shoulder when one (or more) of my kids decides that they need a hand.
  15. I have the Fusain Speedy and I started carrying it Monday to work. I love it and think I have found the best work handbag that really compliments my Longchamp Tote. I really love this bag so far!