speedy - how long to "uncrimp"?

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  1. Because of you enablers I just got a damier speedy 25 which I love. :heart: However, I noticed that the way they stored it caused the half moon "crimps" on both sides of the bag. The SA assured me that it would unwrinkle in a week or two but I doesn't look that way to me. Any suggestions on what I can do to smooth it out? How long does it take to smooth out?
  2. I stuffed mine with large towels. But for only 3 days before I got anxious to use it. It helped a bit.
  3. if u stuff and sit it next to window, the warmth of sun will soften and 'earsed' the sharp crease :yes: congrats on ur Damier Speedy! :love:
  4. I hate the way they have the Speedy folded now with creases!
  5. i stuffed it with old t-shirts...took about a week :smile: enjoy your new speedy!
  6. I stuff mine with bedsheets and they eventually came out.
  7. Same here stuffing it with towels or t-shirts and leaving out were natural warmth will uncrease the folds meant for traveling only.
  8. I just started using mine and I guess the weight of the stuff I put in helped smooth it out! :smile:
  9. This question has been asked a few times in the past... so perhaps try using the search feature above next time. ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.