Speedy help?

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  1. Hi, I'm new to posting but I've been reading for a bit...I just got bit by the LV bug and I'm trying to find an authentic Speedy 25 with nice patina. I've been studying up and I think I'm getting...OK...with authentication, but can anyone help with these three? Thanks so much!




    I will try to not drive everyone crazy with authentication questions...:biggrin:
  2. The 1. is a fake I guess because of those deliberately ****ty pics.
    The 2. is authentic with a pretty dark patina
    and the 3. is real, too but so beaten up that I wouldn't buy it. It's dirty and not well cared for. But I would buy through a mypoupette seller.
  3. Thanks everyone, I had doubts about the first one, and I love the color on the second. I will check out the poupette link!
  4. are you sure the first one is fake? it looks authentic to me...
  5. I can't access these links from work. BUT I am really thinking of putting my Speedy 25 up on Ebay. The handles are about a shade darker than the original vachetta and the rest is just beginning to patina. I bought ths in March 2005 from LV boutique I 've worn it about 8-10 times. I have never looked at Ebay except for some links on the PF, I'm a complete novice, plus I need to find someone with a digital camera to take some pics. :P