Speedy Help

  1. I need advice on a speedy purchase 1st would be which style monogram, damier or damier azul. Second would be size 25 or 30, 35. I am 5'3" 118 lbs and i dont want something that will make me look like a midget with a bowling bag. so advise away...
  2. I love my damier speedy 25!! I'm 5'10" and it is a perfect size.
  3. If you prefer a small sized, then definitely stick with the 25. It can hold a lot of things.

    Each style has its own distinct traits, so its up to your personal preferance. Which color do you prefer ?

    You can do no wrong with Monogram its famous or infamous, and loved by millions and easily recognized from a mile away.

    The damier is a little more robust. I believe its waterproof to an extent (please correct me if im wrong!) and you never have to worry about the handles darkening.

    The damier azur is coming out in November (if u can wait that long before buying a speedy ;) and its probably a more delicated bag because of the lighter color.

    I sound like an walking talking ad. Yikes.:upsidedown:
    Definitely keep us updated, on which you decided on! =)
  4. Mono Speedy 30 all the way! :yes:
  5. It depneds on whatyou carry. If you dont carry much go for the 25 other wise you'll have major sag with the 30. it seems you're tall and thin so this bag will look ok on you. If you were your height but bigger boned i'd say go for the 30 because the 25 wont look correct on your body frame.

    If you carry a lot every day i'd go for the 30. I carry a makeup case, pti wallet, cell, agenda, keys, b/f's cell and wallet and i fill a 25. I could easily use a 30.
    On your body because you're tall I think you can carry the 30 with no problem. I have a friend that is tiny if she's 105 pd and 5'3 she's lucky, and she carries a Mc speedy 30 with no problem.
  6. thanks that was very helpful. i think im gonna go with the 30
  7. i have the Mono and Damier Speedy 25. they're both classic lines and go with anything. although i would suggest getting the Damier, since it's not as common as the Mono yet. the 25 can carry A LOT of things, and if you organize it with a Purseket, it can carry even more :yes:.

    here's me with the Mono and Damier Speedy 25. i'm 5'4" at 122lbs, by the way.
    speedy 002.jpg damier speedy 002.jpg
  8. I'm only 5'2 and I have both sizes (25 and 30) of various styles but my most recent one was the Damier 30. It's pretty big and it fits a lot. My reason for going with the larger size was that my mom convinced me to get it because it wasn't much higher than the 25 lol.
    Anyway, I actually find that I kind of like bigger bags because they make me feel smaller.
  9. if i get damier im going to get the 25. i think the 30 looks disproportioned in the handles to canvas ratio..it may just be me. i dunno but the 25 looks perfect. thanks yeux for the pics that helped alot. we are about the same size so i can at least picture it on myself.
  10. Isn't it great having this dilemma? I have the 25 (mono) and it's perfect on me (with a catalogue in the bottom so no sag). I used to think the 30 was too big but I would say that's a great one to start with! Damier.
  11. mono Speedy 30...its a perfect bag :yes:
  12. Here's my 30:
  13. OMGosh what was I thinking, Sorry i said tall and thin.. OI I need to close some winodws.

    Anyway, you have a small frame so you can carry both without an issue.

    I think you're going to be more then happy with the 30,
    Something to keep in mind if you've never carried a speedy before its going to seem big at first regardless of the size you pick.. I think that is part because of the pattern. When i got my speedy 25 i thought it was huge and my b/f said the 25 was better for me then the 30. Now i wish i had the 30 in mono.
    the size grows on you fast.
  14. you're welcome! :flowers:
  15. see now that looks proportioned. Maybe its just the stock photo that looks off. so many choices:shrugs: