Speedy - help me choose size and type

  1. :sHi there! What would be a good size for everyday - Speedy 30 or 35? Also...should I get the damier? Mono? Mini lin?


  2. well lets see
    I have all 3
    I bought the mono haven't carried it yet.. IM waiting for the handles to darken
    the damier I love, but I wanted to carry a bag with the LV logo so I bought the mini lin in ebene (dark brown)
    Just my opinion only
    if your a small person say under 5 feet 3inches I would say go for the speedy 25 my daughter looks fantastic with hers
    if your over that im 5 feet 7 inches and I look good with the speedy 30 the 25 looked small on me and when my daughter held the 30 she looked like she was holding luggage
  3. Mini lin 30 for sure!
  4. I'm 5'2", size 2/4. I will only carry a 30 and I own 4 of them!!!
  5. Damier or mini lin 30!!
  6. well the mini lin only comes in a 30 so if you want that you don't have a choice. i personally like the damier more than mono and I'm definitely a 25 girl (own 3 25s).
  7. Speedy 30 is a really versatile size! I would go for mono because it is so classic!
  8. I like the damier and how the lining inside is red (my fav color!)

    but yea, im 5"2 and i prefer the 30. im not a fan of small bags, so i dont use my mono 25 anymore.

    so i say go for the 30! perfect size for any height/built/etc

    however, im not to sure about the 35
  9. weird i looove big shoulder bags but will only carry smaller handhelds. my speedy 25s hold a TON.
  10. Easy!!!! Mini Lin!!!!

  11. I say Damier 30!!
  12. I vote for the mono 30! Great bag!
  13. How about the mono 35? :graucho:
    speedy 35.JPG
  14. damier! 30!
  15. I'd go with mono 35 or damier 30- they look a lot smaller IRL than in pictures IMO.