Speedy heat stamp: on tag or on bag?

  1. I told the SA that I wanted my Speedy heat stamped but she said that they do NOT do it on the bag just on a tag.
    I've seen some pictures of heat stamped Speedies on TPF, so, how come?
    Does the heat stamping policy varies from one store to another?

    And do you think it's nicer to have the stamp done on a tag or on the bag itself ? (in case I hear about another LV store will do the stamp on the bag itself)

    For what it's worth, I'm not thinking of selling the bag in the future...

  2. I'm pretty sure that LB does heat stamp both bags and tags.

    I've personally never had a bag heat stamped but I'm not planning to sell mine either so I'm going to look into getting it done.
  3. I am planning to do it on my tags and Agendas. Not bags though..
  4. do it on tag better

    i heard the SA said cannot do it on bags now...

    u do it on tag...next time u wanna resell...u can sell a better price rather then a bag with your initial...unless the person dun mind?!