Speedy Handles/Threading

  1. Hi all!
    So someone on another thread was asking about the condition of mini lin after it's been used for awhile, which got me to inspecting mine and I noticed this little issue with my handles (I'm attaching pictures).

    The threading seems to be coming out on both sides of one handle and the part where the handle is held together seems to be starting to crack...Is this normal? What do I do?

    In the second picture where you see the thread coming out the same exact thing is happening on the opposite side of the handle which can't really be seen very well in the picture....

    The bag is just under a year old and was purchased from eluxury. Should I call them?

    IMG_1930.jpg IMG_1931.jpg
  2. I would call them
  3. i talked with someone at eluxury, who told me to call 1-866-Vuitton, who then told me to bring it or mail it to a store and they would assess it.... :sad: they said that since it's just about a year old they might be able to fix it without charge if they decide it's a defect....

    now i'm bummed about this bag :sad:
  4. I would assume it would crack from wear and tear since the handles are made of softer,delicate leather. But thats just my opinion.
  5. oh dear i was thinking of a mini lin speedy myself! Gulp!
  6. ^
    Relax, this has nothing to do with the mini lin in particular. Get it!

    Probably some foul stiching or a bad thread. Take it back and have it fixed. =)
  7. I still wouldn't discourage you from getting this bag. I LOVE IT. I'll just take it to get it fixed...i'm just bummed cuz it may end up costing me AND I have to part with it for awhile :crybaby:
  8. its the back stitch that is coming out,. normal wear i'm sure but feel free to contact lv and chat with them about it.

    How old is your bag you said under a yr,that could mean 2 months old or 11 months.

  9. My old speedy has a little thread coming out too. I usually freak out over things like this but I took a chance and snipped it a little.... its as good as new now! =)
  10. it will be 1 year this december..
  11. It doesn't look like an issue, but I would take it to an LV store anyway just incase.

  12. well I'm tempted just to trim the 2 threads, but what if it starts getting worse? should i just wait and worry about it then?