speedy handles...the glaze is wearing off and there is a crack? help!

  1. I purchased my speedy 35 last August and I don't use it often. Only once every 2 weeks... I noticed that on one of the handles, there is a crack where the glaze is supposed to be. Also on the triangular piece (where the handle is attached to) is a bit frayed.

    I was thinking that it was normal wear and tear, but it happened after a month and it's bothering me. They're just minor details, but is this a DEFECT or just normal?

    I can try to post pictures a few hours later...
  2. I personally think it's normal and inevitable cuz cracking and fraying has happened to several of my bags.

    others may disagree with me.... If it really bothers you take it back to the boutique!:yes:
  3. I haven't had that problem with mine. I would take it back and see what they say about it!
  4. I would take it back to the boutique. They should repair it for you (probably just replace the handles). I've had my Speedy for 4 years now and I used it for at least one year straight and I never had a problem like that...
  5. I would take it to the LV store; to me it doesn't seem to be the usual wear-and-tear,the bag seems to be defective; maybe they'll offer you a new handle?
  6. if this happened so soon after having the bag why would you wait so long before bring the bag back to lv ?
  7. oh no! i'd take it back to the LV boutique and see what they say...
  8. Because I read somewhere on this board, recently, that not enough glazing is a defect? I thought it was normal wear and tear, but it did bother me. If it is indeed a defect then I hope LV will add some extra glaze on it... But it's been so long...hmmm
  9. take it to LV and they will reglaze the edges for you. You will likely pay if your purchase was over a year ago and repairs take anywhere from 4 weeks to 8 weeks. Good Luck!
  10. no. Not enough glazing is definitely NOT a defect!!! Probably 1/2 the bags and accessories have lighter/thinner glazing than some other bags. It's just depends on who's doing the glazing. Nonetheless, even if you have the thickest glazing, cracking WILL happen depending on how you use the item.
  11. Personally, I would consider it a defect but for most people it might not be. If you go to the store they will most likely tell you that it is regular wear and tear and so on. It just depends on how you look at it. From what I have seen the workmanship on about 1/2 the bags isn't great so as a result, things like fraying and cracked glazing will occur even if you have only carried the bag a few times. However, for those who were lucky enough to get a better made bag or just handpicked their bag, things like that will not occur and if they do occur won't happen until years and years and years later.
  12. i dunno what you mean by the crack on the glazing...but on my 35 i have a scratch on my vachetta handle (not really sure from where) and it happened within two weeks of when I first got my bag....and now i notice that the traingular tabs are worn out too..but that's how it is with my other bags that I use often. I'm sure it's just wear and tear.
  13. Btw, which speedy is it? Damier, mono, azur...etc? Did i miss it?
  14. I purchased by 30 speedy in August of 2007 and have been using it everyday since then and I have no problem with the handles. I remember when I purchased my speedy, I was told that I had a 2 year warranty on the purse. So, I would take it back and have them look at it.
  15. Normal if you've used it for a while. It's a defect if you just purchased it and hardly used it. I'd take it back or have it re-glazed.