Speedy handles - post pics of what they look like new, please.

  1. I've been looking at a lot of LV Speedy's on eBay, and am confused about what color the handles should be if the bag/handles are brand new. I've read a bit about the natural "tanning" process that occurs, but some of the bags on eBay have really light handles. Is this a sign of a fake?

    I apologize in advance if I've posted this is the wrong place, or if this was already written about somewhere else (I did do a search). I really want to purchase an authentic bag, and appreciate any help you might provide. :smile:
  2. I loooove new Speedy handles!!! The first pic was the day I got her, the second pic was a week later after being carried a few times. I hope the patina is a sloooow process!
    IMG_0549.jpg IMG_0566.jpg
  3. I also love the vachetta when it's totally new and pale, but I also began to love the honey color. Don't like the very dark vachetta yet though.
  4. Thanks, BrunetteTiger! That bag is beautiful!

    Is there anywhere on TPF that lists what to look for to determine if a Speedy is authentic? Soooo scared of buying a fake....

  5. Your best bet is to find an auction(s) on eBay that you are interested in and post the links in this thread:


    And our "experts" will help you and tell you if it is fake or not. And they are very good!

    Good luck!

    I loved the new pale handles when I got my Speedy but since I have been carrying it it's still pale but dirty! And I have tried wipes and magic eraser but IDK it still looks eh to me.

    LOL... I wash my hands too!!!!
  6. Thanks for the info! It's truly overwhelming the amount of information out there - I just want to be an informed consumer. I'm such an amateur!!!:rolleyes: