Speedy handles... how to keep it clean?

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  1. Most likely a re-post... but can't find it on the forum.. :P
    So I just got a speedy 25 a few days ago, and yes i got it a little bit dirty. Didn't really know how to clean it or is it even possible to do so?

    Please give me your advices, I actually really like the light color right now. :nuts: Knowing it will turn color I want it to take as long as possbile!..
    Let me know your ways to keep it clean or to clean it!
  2. Ekk I just saw another tread about this... no need to reply :smile:
  3. its going to be hard to keep clean with daily use. the oils from your hands is going to darken the handles. Washing your hands before using the bag helps, not using hand cream helps as well.

    Otherwise as the handles patina you wont see the marks. You could use baby wipes as others have to clean them up but i would use this often and it might do damage.

    here is a link to some posts that got pulled up during a search
    cleaning handles. http://forum.purseblog.com/search.php?searchid=547221
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