Speedy handles? Help!

  1. Hi all speedy lovers out there!

    I have a mono Speedy 30, and I just got an MC black speedy today....I noticed that the mono's handles are much thinner....is this right?

    Do all MC speedies have thicker handles than mono speedies?

    Is this only true with speedies, or is it also true with other hand-held bags like trouvilles, almas, etc? Didn't know if the mono and MC made a difference....

    Sorry, i'm new to the speedy world. :confused1:
  2. hmmm... I've never noticed the MC speedy handles compared to mono's.... HOWEVER, yes, the handle diameter can vary cuz my Saleya's smaller :yes:
  3. k good I thought I was just going crazy...lol
  4. Hmm... I never noticed either. :shrugs:
  5. is there anyone out there who has both so they can compare theirs too? hmmm
  6. PURSESLAVE u stopped posting piks for arail ? what happened?
  7. They are much different. The mc handles are much thicker! Yes, they are SUPPOSED to be this way! Don't worry :p
  8. Running to check my mono and mc.....
    Yup mine are that way too. You're not crazy!! :nogood:
  9. Yes my MC speedy has much thicker handles than the regular speedy

    I prefer the thinner ones...