Speedy handles completely smooth?

  1. I just bought my ebene damier speedy 30 yesterday and noticed that the underside of the handles don't feel as smooth as my other speedys or almas. The top part of the handle feels smoother. Is anyone else's like this? I look at the handles and they look fine, but they just feel very very slightly rough - or maybe wrinkly? Not sure how to explain it!
  2. I know what your talking about. The workmanship on every speedy is slight different. When I was buying mine, I looked at quite a few before finding the winner. I noticed some speedies had the wrinkly feeling underside on the handles. If it bothers you, I'd exchange.
  3. I suppose I should exchange it. I just wanted to see if this is common and "normal" though. I was wondering if maybe most of them are like this? I'm really bummed as I wanted to use it tonight :sad: Oh well, not like I don't have other options.
  4. I have the Damier Speedy 30 and also use to own a Damier Speedy 25. Both had the wrinkles on the underside of the handles. The handles were smooth when I got both Speedys, and then one day the underside of the handles felt wrinkly. I think it's because the ebene leather is treated and smoother than vachetta leather, so it can just wrinkle no matter what you do....

    Even if you exchange your Damier Speedy, I think the wrinkles would eventually appear on the underside of the handle. However, you will be the only person to notice it since you are carrying the Damier Speedy, but the top of the handles will continue to look smooth/taut.

    I wouldn't worry about it but if you just bought the purse and still feel uncomfortable about the handles, exchange it. But, I think that it will happen again.

    Good luck!
  5. so does this mean that leather handles on the mini lin will also get wrinkled? :sad:
  6. I wonder if the epi will eventually get wrinkled too? Okay, everyone go check your handles, lol! Seriously, I'm still not sure what to do.
  7. Any news on this? I am trying to decide which Speedy to get and this will make a difference on me, also.
  8. No, and I'm hoping to hear some responses quickly, as I need to go out shopping in a little while and need to know if I should exchange it or not!
  9. My underside of my damier speedy handles feel semi-smooth and a tiny little bit wrinkley.. I looked under it and it has really really tiny wrinkles looks like..
    Doesn't bother me much tho.. because underneath the handle is where the leather is kinda in a angle (the way the handle is curved) so of course the top part is smooth its 'stretched' outer while the inside is curved inward.. get my drift? XD

    Thats JMHO. :smile:
  10. Mine is the same way and it looks as if it was meant to be like that. The angle it is where it is stitched. I do not think you really can do anything about that.
  11. I think the handles will wrinkle too if you carry a lot of stuff in your bag...I think the weight will drag the bag down and cause some wrinkling.
  12. I don't think you can avoid it.
  13. My Damier Speedy 25 is totally smooth. My Mirage Noir, one of her handles has slight "wrinkles", doesn't bother me...it's not noticable...kind of like her beauty mark!
  14. Update: I went back to the store with it this afternoon and exchanged it for another one. The new one feels much better. Still a little bit of "wrinklies" (yes, I know that's not a word, lol) but SO much better. Oh, and it cost me to go back - While I was waiting for them to get the new one ready I decided to look at the purse charms/key rings. I bought the gold Pastilles key ring for it. It looks so pretty! I'd take pics, but I left my camera in my classroom over the weekend. I'll take pics and post them next week.
  15. Yes, my Damier Speedy 30 had "wrinkles" after my first time of use, so I think it's probably pretty normal - just the purse getting used :lol: