Speedy handle tab replacement

  1. Hi!

    I was wondering if it is possible to replace a handle tab on a Speedy. And what it will cost?

    I mean this tab:
    replace tab.png

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. Yes. I forgot the cost (I posted it in another thread, but don't remember which one) but it was very inexpensive like $20-30. It was so cheap that I had the SA double check. I went in and asked because I was considering getting my initials removed from the chape (that's what it's called). I still think it seems rather low, so maybe call and confirm.
  3. Thanks a lot! Same here, also want my initials removed. :flowers:
    I go to the store tomorrow, since I've to get a replace strap for my 2 day old Pochette Accessoires =(
  4. Oh no, I hope they give you the strap for free! Yeah I was going to sell my speedy and then decided I LVoed her so I didn't get my initials removed, but I was so glad to hear it was cheap! I know it was less than $50USD.
  5. I hope so to! =D
    It's indeed very cheap, makes me happy! If my hotstamp is going to chip, I can always replace the tab =)
  6. Haai, ik zie dat jij ook uit Nederland komt. Vraagje, ben je er nog achter gekomen hoeveel het kost? Ik hoor graag zsm van je. Je zou me er echt heeeeeeel erg mee helpen. Haha je collectie is heel mooi trouwens.:loveeyes: