Speedy Handle Replacement Cost

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  1. For anyone who wants to know, I went today (2/18/14) with my Speedy 35 Mono and they quoted me $140 for each handle so $280 total to replace both handles and the tabs that connect them to the bag. I also asked about replacing the zipper pull and that was free. Not too bad I think!
  2. Good to know! Thanks.....
  3. :tup::tup:
  4. I had mine replaced last month (just handles)
    I'm still getting used to the color difference :smile:
  5. I have a Papillon Mono that I am in love with! I think it's a great spring/summer bag. The bag is in great condition, but I would like to have the piping and handles replaced. Is this something that Louis Vuitton will replace as well?
  6. The lady that helped me actually talked me out of replacing my handles, she said that a lot of people came back to complain about the color difference/the handles getting dark again. I did a quick wipe/moisturize which helped a TON and now I'm really happy I didn't go through with it!

    Yes they definitely can; from what I've been told they can replace vachetta no problem, it's problems with the canvas that they will not touch.
  7. Thank you so much for help! I think I will try and clean the handles first.
  8. Thanks for sharing! I just purchased a denim Speedy. If the handles don't clean up well, I'll have to consider replacing them. I hate to have the difference in color though in the vachetta.
  9. Every singel piece on a LV bag can be replaced.
  10. Great I was looking to get the handles of my 25 redone after 10 years! Thanks for the info!
  11. think that a real good price
  12. I want to get the handle replaced on my GM Looping. That gives me an idea of the cost. Thanks
  13. That is soooo awesome!! Thank you for sharing! I try to take care and clean my bags but i'm excited to buy those stuff and see what my bags would look like after! :graucho: