Speedy handle drop- 25 vs. 30

  1. I just read a thread about how some ladies can actually carry their Speedy on their shoulder. It made me curious, what is the handle drop on a 25 & is there a larger drop on the 30?
  2. I don't really know if you can do that or not. I let my cousin whos really skinny try it on and it only went up to the middle of her upper arm. :P
  3. I think what you must have read was that you can buy a detachable strap to wear it on your shoulder. You're not going to be able to put a 25 or 30 on your shoulder with just the regular handles.
  4. It was in the "Truth about the Speedy" thread. I didn't think you could (without the extra strap) but I don't own a speedy *yet*. Just curious if I was missing something!;)
  5. i bealeave it's 3.3 inches
  6. forgot! it's for a 35 i don't know about the others. I saw the pictures of brandy wearing het mc speedy on the shoulder but i think it doesn;t look good because the bag is so deep, maybe for a few minutes but i like the handheld look on the speedy
  7. I can put the 30 on my shoulder, but it is not very comfortable.
  8. i can put the 35 on my shoulder, but it doesnt look good imo
  9. I can't even imagine how skinny your arm should be to be able to put 25 or 30 on your shoulder!!! Was it the thread about the shoulder strap maybe?
  10. I was just going to say that ...

  11. well I am fairly skinny, I could measure my arm for you lol :biggrin:
  12. Would love to see someone wearing it on the shoulder. I have thin arms and there is no way I could do that. the handles on the 25 and 30 and 35 are the same. its only the body of the bag that is larger. I think brandy is really teeny weeny like maybe 80 lbs or less????? I could see a five year old putting it on her shoulders. I guess it depends on how small you are. I dont think its meant to be worn on the shoulders. If you can do it....go for it. but please post a picture.
  13. well I wouldn't do it, but I could. I think I have a body similar to Brandy's...