Speedy Graffiti...end in 2 hrs

  1. OMG...no way $699 ???? darn...that's a steal !
  2. WHA???????!!!!!!! :crybaby:
  3. The speedy that sold for $699 had a huge ink stain on the exterior canvas :sad: . IMO, it sold for way more than it was worth
  4. Double post
  5. oooooh, i don't think i would've bid on it then if it contained a humongo ink stain-probably like a pen/marker leaking from the interior-like that?

    :flowers: thanks for the info ltl! :love:
  6. It was definately not BooYah worthy :smile:
  7. :lol: :roflmfao: oh lordy, ltl, i dunno if that's GOOD or BAD :shrugs: :lol: