Speedy glazing issue..

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  1. My speedy was in perfect condition for the last say 8 years when all of a sudden the handles kinda had a crack in the glazing. What do you think I should do?

    It's very hard to capture but you will see vertical lines on the glazing (i tilted the picture).

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  2. I would take it to LV and ask how much it would cost to have the handles reglazed. It doesn't look too bad at the moment but it will probably get worse with time, I would see what they say and then you can decide if it's worth it to you to have it repaired.

    I just had the glazing on my wallet repaired, I took it in as soon as I noticed it before it had a chance to get worse (I don't know if the glazing on the wallets and the bags is the same though).

    Hopefully other members will also be able to give you some advice.
  3. Yeah. Thanks. I'm really worried coz it's already old. I don't know if it's just the glazing or the vachetta. Are they going to remove the old glazing and put a new one or just put on top. Is your wallet fine now? I'm kinda worried because of all the issues I've been hearing on the quality of newer bags, I don't want my bag to get ruined. 😔
  4. I don't think 8 years is that old for a well looked after LV bag. I don't know if it's the glazing or the vachetta either, it's hard to tell. With my wallet I'm fairly sure they removed the old glazing and replaced it completely along the flap where it was coming apart. You can slightly see that it's had something done to it but I'm very happy with it, it's fine now (it has very slight peeling along the edge of the glazing but I think that will come away by itself, it's just from the repair process).

    You won't be buying a new bag, you would only be getting something repaired so I wouldn't worry too much about your bag being ruined or quality issues. The other option may be to replace the handles altogether but then the vachetta is of course new and won't match the rest of the bag.

    Do you live close to an LV store? The best thing to do is to take it to them and ask, in the end it's your decision what you have done.
  5. 8 years? That not bad. I wait a little more to reglaze. But that just my opinion. :smile:
  6. Glazing naturally rubs off over time. Louis Vuitton offers reglazing as part of after sales services. Take it to your local store and they will tell you how much it cost. Sometimes, an SA will wave the fee as a special favor for a good client.

    Good luck!
  7. Thanks so much guys... I really appreciate.