Speedy from Ebay..

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  1. I just got my very well pre-loved speedy 30 in the mail today from ebay. It was from a MPRS ( my poupette). I just would appreciate you ladies taking a quick look at it, and ensuring it's authenticity. :smile: I'd just diieeee if I wore a fake out!


    keep in mind he's a little over 10 years old. :smile:




    I tried to take a picture of the Louis Vuitton on the leather tag, but my camera wouldn't focus in on it enough! It simply says "Louis Vuitton" and then "Paris" below it. It's pretty worn, but the font doesn't look too fishy.

    THANKS so much ladies, I don't know very much about Louis. :smile:
  2. PS. Do I need to post more pictures? Or is there anything I should look for?
  3. Looks good. Nice patina!!!
  4. Looks good! Yes....the patina is beautiful!! Congrats!
  5. yaaaaay!

    I'm so happy that it's ok. :smile: I got it for only $200, and I'm so EXCITED!

    I picked it over others because the patina was so much nicer, and the handles weren't all that dirty. :smile:

    thanks ladies.:heart:
  6. $200?! :nuts: wow, that's a great deal!! and i thought i got mine at a good price for $300. congratulations...it's beautiful...
  7. Looks great, you got a good deal on it ) now enjoy!

  8. I'm so happy for you. Congrats!
  9. Nice LV Speedy! Looks to be in wonderful condition. Enjoy it!
  10. $200? Wow! It's a lovely bag and I love the patina. Lucky you!
  11. Awesome bag; Congrats! Beautiful patina!
  12. Congrats!!!
  13. CONGRATS Dani! It looks great :nuts: I hope you're happy with it, enjoy it!
  14. Congratulations! Wonderful find!
  15. Very pretty, have fun with your new bag!