Speedy for school books? *help*

  1. I am definitely getting a big lv for school next year (i know, i know, im really ahead of the game)
    ive seen speedies being carried as school bags, and at my school, we never need to carry much because we have block schedule.
    but i think that maybe halfway through the year, i will get tired of a handheld...

    so does anybody have any ideas for a bag that would hold my books?
    i dont want a backpack....i want a handbag,
    not too small, but it doesnt have to be that big..
    and it cant be over 800 dollars......
    any canvas would be fine!

    sorry for being so picky!
  2. I think a speedy 35 would be a better fit and I think it's less than $800 :yes:
  3. ^^^^ thanks, but do you think it may bother me being a handheld?
    i only carry it 4 times a day at school, but for lunch, i would have to carry it for a half an hour. would that get tiring (one textbook+ one binder) ??
  4. I've use my speedy 30 to throw in the occasional papers and a soft-sided notebook....you have to kind of bend them to fit it in though.
  5. I don't know if you'd be able to get a binder it in without stretching it.
  6. I think speedy would not be a good fit for books, to saggy and handheld...go for a BH or mezzo instead.
  7. Does it have to be handheld? Why not a Batignolles?
  8. My 30 gets heavy when it's full. Have you looked into shoulder bags?
  9. what about marelle sac a dos or sac plat(find cerises if you can, so much feminine!)?
  10. Hmm...the problem is, is that it's hard to find anything that's less than $800 and would be a good school bag. I think a BH ($815?) or Cabas Mezzo ($1,000+) would be better...
  11. I agree with BH or Mezzo.
  12. I agree, use the BH or BV for books...a Speedy doesn't really seem very suitable for books, only maybe documents and papers.
  13. Schoolbooks, even just a few, might get to be too heavy for a Speedy. A Noe can handle a lot of stuff and not feel too heavy on your shoulder. It may be out of your price range though; it's been a while since I bought mine. ;) Either BH or BV both sound like great choices, too.
  14. I agree about going slightly over the 800 mark to get a bag that will work well for the purpose you need it for. The BH or BV would be better than a speedy.
  15. hmmmm. grrr. i want the Vavin gm... but thats too expensive!!!
    would a speedy 35 do the trick...
    because the batignolles just doesnt seem like my type of bag....