Speedy Etiquette?

  1. So I got my first speedy yesterday, I went for the Epi 25 in black with silver hardware.

    My question to all of you fine ladies, is what do you do with the lock? Do you leave it on the bag, or do you take it off? Is there a 'proper' way to carry the speedy?

    I'm so psyched...I was going to go with the Damier, but I just feel in love with this one...maybe next time:love:
  2. i keep the lock w/the keys attached on the leaf and carry it by the handles, or in the crook of my arm, if my hands are full.
  3. I had the lock on my mono speedy 25 for about 4 months until I noticed it was rubbing against the red paint on the edge of the tab and doing damage to it! So I took the lock off and put it away, much as it pained me to do so.
  4. I never use the lock that came with my Speedys at all - IMO, it just stretches the tab and makes a mark. My lock sets are all lying next to each other waiting to be used one day!

    No correct way to carry a Speedy - hand or on crook of arm. Both ways look divine!

    Congrats on a great bag! Please post a pic!
  5. I do the exact same thing - lol! :biggrin:
  6. lock is on the end of the tab, keys are in the inside pouch. I carry by hand and by crook of arm. either way is fine.
  7. I leave my lock on the tab of my speedies.
  8. Same here. For eight years now and I've never had any trouble at all. :yes:

  9. Ditto.
  10. I left my lock off but like the looks of it on, so I'm going to put it back on.

    I've only carried mine once and found it to be most comfortable on my arm near my elbow.
  11. Lock on, keys in bag, carry it in the crook or if too heavy, by hand. I took mine out this week for the first time, I love the speedy! I can't believe it took me so long to buy one.
  12. Leave the lock on the tab, and the keys in the pouch or at home in a safe place. The lock is more of an acessory than a functional piece IMO. I have never locked my Speedy 25.
  13. Congrats to you! That is a great choice! The epi line is much better IMO than mono or damier. I have a red epi Speedy. The lock is attached to the tab and the keys are in my jewelry case.
  14. I took it out for the first time today, and I left the lock on. I must say, there's just something that makes it look so lovely. The keys are currently on my desk until I find a better place for them. Thanks for all the input ladies!
  15. Congratulations On Your Beautiful New Black Epi Speedy (Such A Fabulous Bag!)!!!

    I Leave The Lock Off With My Speedies.....I Think It Looks Nice On & Off......Enjoy!