Speedy Epi Ivoire or Speedy Mini Lin Dune?

  1. I'm sorry, i don't speak very good English :yahoo: (i'm from Switzerland!) but i have a question: i will go to LV next week to buy an Speedy Epi Ivoire or a Speedy Mini Lin Dune? What ist the difference to using between the two bags? I think that de Speedy Mini Lin is not so steady?
    Thank you for your help!
  2. Hi- cannot speak from experience but I love the epi line-so my vote goes to ivorie
  3. Epi-- easier to maintain. Once the Lin gets dirty, or something gets on it, it's hard to get the stain out.
  4. I just bought my mom the epi speedy 25 in ivoire. It's gorgeous and very solid. I think it may keep its shape better than the Mini Lin, but I am not certain because I have never purchased a Mini Lin.
  5. Ivoire Epi Speedy!
  6. Hi, my vote is for the Epi Ivoire- it is so beautiful and perfect for spring. Epi is very durable and strong and I think you will be very happy with it. Oh yes- your English is wonderful!
  7. My vote is epi too!I want that bag so much:heart:
  8. Ivorie Epi is definitely beautiful and structured easy to maintain because of the leather. Dune Mini Lin however saggy it gets is part of the classic speedy charm. It is treated to be resistant to dirt and is water proof to it can take a light spritz without getting drench. I love both.
  9. Epi SPeedy probably get crease but has good shape by its hard texture.

    Mini Lin Speedy won't get crease but I'll put a short box inside to keep the shape :smile:
  10. hmm... I don't know, but I like the Mini Lin Dune better
  11. I will go for a Mini Lin speedy as I think you should bought Epi speedy in other colors. I think it looks more good in red or black.

    Epi ivory is OK but it couldn't make me want one.
  12. I have the mini lin in Dune and I love it! But, I am very careful with my bags. If you are worried about the durability of the bag, I would suggest the Epi. The mini lin Dune is made of linen and it is more fragile.
  13. Thank you all! I have some Epi bags and i like them very much. The Ivoire is so beautiful, but i like also the Mini Lin. I will see next week....:sweatdrop:
  14. Get the Mini Lin Dune like I did! One of my main reasons for getting the ML is that it s´comes in the 30 size, unlike the Epi Ivoire Speedy which is only produced in the 25. I absolutely love my Mini Lin, it's so spacious and feminine!
  15. another vote for the epi ivorie. the mini lin is beautiful but the epi is just.... "take my breath away" beautiful!