Speedy Empreinte 30

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  1. So I called my local LV today and asked if they're taking preorders for the speedy empreinte in black and they said yes, I would just need to swing by the boutique to have them store my credit card number on file.... I asked what the price would be and they said $2,670 before tax..... That is a freakin steal compared to the pricing on the LV website so naturally I'm dying to put in my preorder.... Only problem is, I can't justify the purchase without selling my Chanel GST first..... But I don't want to wait cause they might sell out and even if they don't sell out, I'll be subject to that dreadful price increase. So my question is, how do you sell your preloved items, and fast??? Please help!!
  2. I think the price difference is because you're in Hawaii. One of the greatest things about living in Hawaii is that our LV prices are a little cheaper than the mainland and our tax is a little less too. I'd love to get a speedy 30 in black empreinte but I can't cause my hubby just got me a Lumi last month so I'll just have to deal with the price increase and wait till next year. If I could afford now, I'd get it in a heartbeat. Until then, I'll stalk TPF and drool over the new reveals.
  3. I like to tell you to go for it and sell it later if
    you can afford it
  4. Get it now, and sell your bag to Fashionphile or Yoogi's (personally Fashionphile has always given me higher quotes). Or if you have a friend who might be interested, that's the quickest way!!

    I wonder if you can buy now (when it's released), sell your items, then return the bag for credit card credit in two weeks and pay cash? I used to work in women's shoes in college and people often did this. I don't know if LV would allow it, but it's worth a try? If money isn't an issue, just buy it now and sell as soon as possible.

    I am also getting this bag! We will be twins!
  5. I have the cash for it now, but I'm sure my husband would be pissed if I spent it on another bag. I'm thinking I should jump on it before the price increase and then work on selling my gst.
  6. Great idea!
  7. Lol, you're supposed to tell me that's a bad idea and not to purchase it until I sell my GST. Ugh this forum kills me lol. Ok once I get my HG bag, I'm gonna try my hardest to stay away from this forum. Hahha, fat chance!