Speedy /Ellipse

  1. Moving from the speedy 25 to an Ellipse pm, Has anyone done this ?
    I an about to purchase an ellipse pm but worried about the shape, size and whether all my stuff will fit.

    this is generally what i carry from bag to bag less the paperwork.
  2. I don't have ellipse but it's not as roomy as speedy 25 due to its shape..
  3. ok thanks.
  4. I carry an Ellipse and it fits quite a lot - its a FABULOUS bag!!!
  5. can i see pic's of your ellipse stuffed ? thanks Lori
  6. Ellipse doesn't fit quite as much as the speedy 25 but looks for room any day for me!!!:graucho:
  7. :P
  8. I own both..and to be honest with you...I find the Ellipse to be akward. Its always tipping over because of the narrow base..and its kind of cumbersome...I rarely carry mine anymore and have been thinking it may be time to sell on Ebay....
  9. ^^ Ok thanks for that tip. I never thought about it tipping over.
  10. Some with this bag could you show me pic's with it loaded i'd like to see how much it will hold before I make the purchase.

    thank you.
  11. o wells. im not a big fan of ellipse. but i thnk it'll fill quite a bit~
  12. ^^ thanks
  13. I bought the Ellipse a few months ago, but I ended up returning it because it didn't fit nearly as much stuff as my Speedy 25. I was bummed, because it's a really cute bag!

    I recommend going to the LV store and trying it out - the SAs will be happy to let you put all your usual stuff in one to see if it fits.
  14. its about 1hr /30 min away(one way) on a good day. Which sucks :sad: and thats hoping that Holts has one. Is not a place i cant make it to during the week.
  15. I just got an Ellipse PM and I took it out yesterday, I had my Koala wallet, Cles, Checkbook, cell-phone (in the pocket, it's teeny tiny), my Weight Watchers calculator (about the size of a compact), pen, compact, two lip glosses, HUGE Coach sunglass case, eye drops, AND I managed to fit a paper back book in there when I needed something to read when I was waiting for my Mom at the eye-doctor.

    I will say this though, since my Coach glasses case was on the bottom, I would have to remove things to get to it, so that was a bit of a pain, but it does hold alot.

    I think it might be worth it to drive and try them both on.

    I also have a Speedy 30, but you don't see the Ellipse as often. The Ellipse shape makes me smile. I also had no problem with it tipping over like someone mentioned.