Speedy dilemma

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  1. Hey all, I'm fairly new to this forum and I have quite the dilemma. I purchased the speedy b 30 in de before the price increase and now I'm wondering if I should exchange it for an empreinte speedy 25. Or should I just keep the speedy b and purchase the empreinte as well? TIA!
  2. I vote for both! Each version is great and they look completely different ~ material, pattern, and size.

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  3. Empreinte is to die for. So luxurious, yet practical. The DE canvas will be a terrific work horse. If you can only have one, get the Empreinte. If you can have both, I think you will enjoy having both materials and sizes in your collection. My Speedy 30 in Empreinte is my most favorite bag ever!
  4. I also looking into getting speedy, but, not sure if I want speedy 25 or 30 and in monogram or empreinte. so many options.
  5. I have speedy b 30 in de and speedy empreinte 30 in noir. I say get both. It's an extremely functional bag and you'll need to give one or the other a break in between uses lol. Lmk if you want some comparison pictures.
  6. I have the DE and use it allot, light weight, carefree and I love it and I also have the empriente leather in the infini and orient and the leather is my very favorite. If you can have both go for it but if you can only get one get the leather.
  7. I have the mon mono and Empreinte. They are both great options to have. Sometimes I actually wonder if I should have gotten the Damier Ebene, but I love my mon mono.
  8. Are you the one who makes YouTube videos?
  9. Yes that is me. :smile:
  10. Omg!! I love your YouTube videos. You're so passionate about LV and I can always see and feel the happiness in your face and voice when you talk about your pieces! I've thought about doing videos too but then I might go broke cause I'd have to keep buying LV. LoL
  11. +1
  12. Get both if you can :smile:
  13. I guess I'm the only one who would keep the de speedy b! I haven't ventured into emp pieces yet but I'm kind of glad I haven't 🙊 I still am still all about their canvas which my wallet is happy about
  14. +1
  15. I would exchange for an empreinte 25!!👍