Speedy dilemma too: Fuchsia Neo Speedy v Cerises


Which will u pick?

  1. Fuchsia Neo speedy

  2. Cerises speedy 25

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  1. I really love both of them :love: But noone in my household likes either (nevertheless im still GOING to get one :p).. can u help me decide?

    Which do you prefer lovely PFers? :heart::heart:
  2. I just can't help myself when it comes to the Cerises! Too irresistible! :dothewave:
  3. Get The Neo Listen To You'r Conscience!!!
  4. I'd vote for the cerises.It still has the classic monogram.The fuchsia denim (with its color and denim fabric)is more of just a trend to me and the appeal may not last. but then,its both beautiful.
  5. oh gosh wait! seeing gissele makes me change my vote hahahaha...Nah.....still get the cerises..wow...love to have all those baggys..I guess i'll leave this thread I'm not helping...
  6. Argh... why does everybody talk about fuchsia right now? I want one, too... :hysteric:
    The cerises is nice... really... but... the fuchsia is A M A Z I N G ! Fuchsia!!!
  7. i voted for the cerises, i find it really cute!
  8. I'm a s*cker for the cerises line (even though the speedy cerises is still in my never ending wish list!!)
  9. cerise will only get harder to find. denim will fall, very hard, out of fashion soon. i go cerise.
  10. oh wow cerises is leading atm!
  11. I would go for the Cerises.
  12. I have thought exactly the same when I have read this:p
    So my vote goes of course to the neo speedy fuchsia:heart:
  13. Cerises
  14. Cerises Speedy. The fuchsia Neo Speedy is barftastic.
  15. the neo speedy in fuschia. most def.