Speedy Dilemma: Neo vs. Dentelle


Fuschia Neo Speedy vs. Dentelle Silver Speedy

  1. Fuschia Neo Speedy

  2. Dentelle Silver Speedy

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  1. If you had to choose between the Fuschia Neo Denim Speedy and the Silver Dentelle Speedy, two very different bags, which style would win your vote? I got the call today from my SA saying the silver Dentelle is waiting to see me. But good lord, I can only keep 1 bag here. So help me decide please? As much as I lovvvvvve Ms. Fuschia (pink's my favorite color, love the design, the fun, casual elegance, love the gold koala locks but not a fan of vachetta), I don't want to miss out on the chance to own a LE show bag (vintage elegance, classic mono, very artsy (i am a fan of the embroidery and gorgeous nomade leather and the fact that i don't need to deal w/patina). Help! :sweatdrop:
  2. I like the dentelle silver speedy better than the fuschia neo denim speedy.
  3. I REALLY like the Dentelle speedy much much better. It has an exotic asian feel to it. I think its because of the flower type of embroidery. ( i like the gold better than the silver) =)
  4. Mich~
    I'm a pink girl too, and the neo looks so cute on you! But I totally get what you're saying about the vachetta. That's why I love damier so much! The dentelle might be worth more later....not sure tho. I say just go with which ever one you really love. If it were me....I'd pick pink neo. Looks so cute with your Toywatch! :yes:
  5. sigh. i'm so torn. the neo is a great size and the pink just ROCKS! babying the vachetta and keeping it out of light/air/wind/flame/etc etc to try to delay patina as much as possible is killing me softly though. i'd be driving on a sunny day and i think, ackkk! i gotta cover up the bag! must. stop. patina. lol.
    something about the dentelle, though its considerably larger, is pulling me in that direction. to me it looks so elegant and sophisticated!
  6. Out of the two, I would choose the Dentelle. It's a limited edition and you can get the Neo Speedy later. Don't miss out!
  7. Ok, I know you've bought a few things lately, :graucho: but is there any possible way you could keep neo and get dentelle?
  8. ahhhh. if that were the case, methinks this thread would not be here :p *double sigh* everyone's got a limit and i think i've just about hit mine...the money tree in the backyard is out of order.
  9. Denim... it's so much more comfortable to wear IMO and it looks great on you!
  10. also, i'm thinking long term investment here. it seems like the dentelle is more of the timeless style, the neo seems more trendy. in 10 years, i don't know if i could still rock a pink bag =\ but i love pink!!

    neo loves:
    fuschia color
    koala locks
    newer design
    smaller size
    more pockets
    pink lining
    lots of fun
    discontinued color

    neo hates:

    dentelle loves:
    nomade leather
    classic mono
    intricate details

    dentelle hates:
    larger size
  11. Oh boy, you're swaying me too...ITA about the mono and vachetta being classic, elegant style, vs the bright, young fushcia speedy.
  12. I hear ya. I'm almost there myself, and I'm no good at ban! Good luck with your neo/dentelle decision. It's a tough one, and I'm sure glad I don't have to make it. Either will be great tho. ;)
  13. you seem to really like the pink, getting the LE just feels "LE" from your post. in the long run, that pink bag feels like it would make you happier.
  14. I like the Neo speedy personally. And the Fuschia is a seasonal piece. Once it's gone, it's gone. If the vachette bothers you that much then maybe the Dentelle is a better choice.
  15. I would go for pink Neo ... Dentelle ..needs more care.