Speedy Dilemma!! Help!


Aug 12, 2007
I know this has been asked a lot, but each question has their own set of circumstances that leads one to an answer. Mine is - I am deciding to get my 2nd LV bag, my first being the Madeleine GM. I am convinced on getting a Speedy but I cannot decide on the size - 25 or 30. I modeled both in the store but still cant decide which one. I look at the 25 and think its too small and I look at the 30 and think its too big. urgh! the frustration! :confused1::confused1:

So, I am coming to you guys for help. Which do you think is better? I am between 5'1" - 5'2", around 115-120lbs. I am heavier on the hips part. And the usual things I carry in my everyday bag are cellphones (2 of them but both of them relatively small), ipod, earphones, make up kit, wallet, hair brush and sometimes a camera and/or a book. And oh yeah, I plan to get a nintendo ds lite, so I might be adding that to the list as well. The SA told me that looks can be deceiving and that the 25 does hold a lot. Still...pls help...TIA!


Feb 22, 2006
I had the speedy 25 (sold and regretted :crybaby: but now waiting on another one :yahoo:!!!).
I am around the same height and weight /build as you and the 25 seemed perfect for me.I felt the 30 would have been too big on me.The 25 holds lots of things the only downside was the zipper opening across the top didn't seem wide enough sometimes.The size of the 25 far outweighed this little problem for me though.
I had this dilemma when I was buying one and took ages to decide but I really missed my 25 after selling it so I have bought another so they can't be that bad :tup:
I'd say the 25 and the amount of stuff you carry will easily fit.
The bigger the bag the more junk I tend to carry:lol:
Hope this helps you're decision.


Nov 25, 2007
I was also in the same predicament when I bought my Speedy. The 25 looks too small, and the 30 too big. In the end, I chose the Speedy 30, because I just feel that "bigger is almost always better." :graucho:

BTW..my height 5'3"..not so tall either :upsidedown:


Feb 6, 2007
I had the same problem as you. I actually bought the 25 and went home and realized that the opening was just too small for my taste. I carry about the same amount as you, and the extra space is wonderful.

I have:

Cell phone
Big chunk of keys
DS Lite
Sunglasses w/case
water bottle
and random things I don't want to get into details
And it still has plenty of room for more.

But I do use purse brite and that help organizes everything. :tup: 30


Nov 20, 2007
after going through many many pages of this site, specifically the threads about speedys, its really about what you want out of it first. Frankly, you'll probably end up with more than one speedy in more than one size anyway so pick the one you love best now! (Go to the Speedy Gonzales thread in the Clubhouse, it is the best place to get everyone's advice).

Take into consideration the following things though (cause I should have before I bought 2 speedys [yes, a 25 and a 30] in the space of a few weeks):
- whats your favourite material now: damier azure/ebony; mini lin; mono; epi; etc...
- do you want to invest in something seasonal which comes in only in one size e.g. the mirage?
- does your preferred material look better in the 25 or 30?

- how much you really want to carry (the 25 fits everything you said but it might be a tight squeeze if you want to fit water/bigger book/agenda down the track, the 30 fits that and your partner's/kids/family's essentials plus food and water!). Think about it more cause I didnt consider the odd days where I wanted to put a couple more bulky things in and it wouldnt fit.
- when you will carry it: school (35!)/ work (30 probably safer)/play (25 is cuter)/both (depends on what your doing)/dinner (25)/casual (25)
- where you'll take it (cause then you'll have to consider what you want to carry in it)

From the consensus on this site it seems the 30 is by far the most popular because its the most versatile. Lots of members are around 5'1"-5'2" and swear by the 30, and all are rockin it so dont worry about the size if you are comfortable with the fit. Its not as big as it initially seems, because it does have that great sag thing going on, even if you put something in the bottom; unless you get the stiff epi its going to relax a bit when you carry it and doesnt look too bulky IMO.
Also, like mickeyruss, I had no problems with the zip of the 25, and that has been the main complaint of that size.

Play around in the shop with every type of speedy there is. Thats what the shopping experience is for right? Put all your stuff into the bag in the store - the SA invited me to do that and see how it really looked. Bring along the bulky stuff that you might not use everyday but you dont want to have to carry in your hand if you do have them, like the books and the water bottle. That said, the 25 is the first one I got and I really do love it more than the 30, but the 30 will definitely see you through everything.

Sorry about the big analysis on a bag, but I literally spent ages after I bought the 25 wishing I had bought the 30 cause it fit everything I needed for work!


Nov 6, 2006
Hi, I have the speedy mini lin which is 30 and I really like it. It's big but I don't carry a lot and could easily carry the 25 and it would still hold all my stuff. I think both speedies hold a lot.

I do plan on getting a mono speedy 25 some day.

I think (and the SA told me the same thing) the 25 really looks like a cute more structured handbag while the 30 is a more casual, slouchy, young look. I happen to love both...
Jul 3, 2006
I have both and love them both. As far as the one I actually reach for more often - it's the Speedy 25. I still use the 30 when I need something bigger, but I really love the 25 and find it holds much more than you think.

I'm 5'3" tall.


Aug 15, 2006
I think gixxer_617 did a fantastic job explaining this never ending dilemma with the speedy size. I have the 30 and I love it, it fits everything I need. For me, the only 25 I would get would be the cerises and I think I would always go for the 30 or bigger in other lines.


Aug 12, 2007
thanks for everyone's input! this makes it all the more harder for me to choose which one! I am kinda leaning into choosing the 30 though :P but maybe just to clarify, I will be using the speedy only on the days that I go out to the malls. Once I start working, I will only be carrying the madeleine and when I start work, I will be at work most of the time and will rarely get any chance to go out. But on the occassion that I do, which speedy would be better to bring? thanks :smile:


bag obsessed!
Dec 29, 2006
New York
I have the speedy 30 and I can fit everything in it. 2 wallets, makeup case, bottle water, magazine, sunglasses in a case, a shawl for when it is cold in my office, then random stuff like keys, tissues, cell phone, work id, etc. I love it.


The K Is Silent
Apr 23, 2007
Boringsville, USA
I'll just tell you the truth. You WILL end up with both. Take it from someone who's bought and sold both 25's and 30's when trying to "figure it all out". I had to learn the hard way but thank goodness my bags sold for almost retail so I didn't lose that much money. In the end, I ended up with a Damier Azur Speedy 25 and an Ebone Damier Speedy 30 which works out pretty well for me because...

When I carry the Azur I tend to not need "everything". The Ebone is more of an everyday bag for me so I carry much more. Plus sometimes I want a more "structured" look, whereas other times my saggy Speedy just really complements my look. I'm weird I know. But based on everything that you carry I would say start with the 30, and then later get yourself a 25. I carried a simlar load in my 25 and I plan on getting a DS Lite for Christmas. I wouldn't have room in the 25 for that. Plus with all that stuff the opening does tend to seem small at times. Okay, I'm starting to ramble...

I recommend the 30. Better to have a little extra space than not enough. And if the sagging bothers you, you can always but something at the base to keep the shape.