Speedy Dilemma: 25 too small; 30 too big

  1. I am a fairly petite girl (5'3), so when I pre-ordered my Damier Speedy I thought the 25 would be fine. I went to LV just to double check the size with the mono speedy, but the 25 looked liked a doll's purse on me!!! :yucky: So I thought, OH! the 30 must be perfect then....um no! :shocked: The 30 seemed like I was wearing my mother's purse!!! So now I am stuck because the 25 feels too small and the 30 too big.

    My question: Which would be better in long run? I havn't changed my order yet, but I am leaning towards the 30. :blink:

    The informal vote of 3 SA's and 2 customers revealed 4 in favor of the 30 and 1 in favor of the 25. hehehe :lol: :shame:
  2. hey ya
    i'm 5'1 (just) and i have a Speedy 30 in monogram! i totally love the size!!! it holds everything and then some!!! i reckon you should go with what is MOST comfortable for you!!! :smile: what ever size you get it will last in the long run... speedies are one of those classic LV pieces that will be around for years!!!
    good luck on what you decide!
  3. I say the 30. I also feel like the 25 is just way too small for me.
  4. Lol, I actually think the 30's too small! But if you want something inbetween, I believe the Epi Speedy 25 is actually more like 28. So that might work for you.
  5. 30, its better to have a bag a little too big than one that's a little too small. (I should take my own advice, I keep eyeing the Belem PM but really its too small!!)

    Good luck!
  6. I'm the same height as you are and the 30 looks always to big on me that's why I'll go with the 25 it still holds a ton. I like it better than the 30 which looks like luggage on me.
  7. Too big is definitely better than too small-you'll just end up "adjusting" to your new bag and start to carry more- that's what happened to my mom when she got a giant tan leather hobo- she thought that it was too big at first, but then she started carrying around magazines, huge vitamin bottles, and 3 pairs of sunglasses!
  8. Go with 30!:yes:
  9. I say the 30 too.
  10. For your height, I would go with the 25. I had that size (for about 10 yrs.) & it holds alot. I sold my 25 to get a 30, but I'm 5'7".
  11. I'm 5 feet tall and I have the 25 and 30. I love the 30 as it holds a ton! Any no way does it look too big on me,
  12. I'm 5'3 and I love the Speedy 30. You never know when you might need a lil extra space.
  13. I agree with you completely. When they posted all the celebs and their speedies here, they all carried the 25 so I got the 25 from a fabulous PF member here. Then I was worried so I bought the 30 from another PF member. I couldn't decide so I kept both. I use the 30 on the days I need to carry more and the 25 on the days I don't....

    I know that wasn't much help but it's just a thought. I figured it's a classic bag, I will use them for years to come! :smile: Good luck!
  14. Hey girl, I'm 5"1 and I have both speedy 25 and 30 and I am perfectly comfortable with both of them. I love both sizes, although, for an everyday bag, I would prefer the 30 better personally. The only problem with the speedys is the sagging bottom, so I overcome this by putting a cardboard on the bottom of the bag to maintain shape. I have yet to try a purseket, sometimes things are a lil messy inside my speedy, I can imagine a purseket will be a suitable organizer for all my junks.

    At the end, height doesnt matter. I have a friend the same height as mine who can pull of the birkin bag in the 35 cm size, I cannot, as I think it looks too huge on me, I can only do the 30 cm.

    With you, you feel the 30 is too big, while I'm not, it's great to see these differences, huh?

    If you want pics of the speedy 25 and 30 side by side, just lemme know okay :flowers:
  15. I'm 5'3" an went with the 25 and love it. Was a hard choice -- the 30 seems to be the more popular size but the 25 is just perfect -- holds a large wallet, two makeup cases, three pairs of glasses, keys, cell, and still room to spare! I don't want to load up a bag with more stuff -- if I need more I will carry a tote. But, whichever you get, you will love it. Good luck!