Speedy Dentelle vs Mirage - Follow up...

  1. So I have bothered you guys last week with my dentelle vs mirage dilemma...
    And I am happy to say there has been a winner, and it is.....
    Le Mirage!!
    I'm really thankfull for all of your reactions, they really helped me out.

    And though I still think the dentelle is really lovely, I have fallen deeper and deeper in love with the mirage and know it will be a lONG lasting love :love: It is such a timeless beauty and it will go with so much in my wardrobe! (I'm going for the noir one)

    Also happy to say I have one on hold for me and picking it up this week!! :yahoo:

    I think it's such a special bag and am soooo thrilled it will also be my VERY first LV piece ever!!!

    Just wanted to share...:rolleyes:
  2. Yay congrats! Please take modeling pics when you bring her home!
  3. congrats!!! i know it was a tough decision, but i'm glad you picked one that you will love for a long time. :smile:
  4. Congrats! It is a beautiful bag and a good decision.
  5. Congratulations on your great choice! You'll really be happy with the Mirage Speedy --- it is one spectacular bag! Yesterday I was at Nordstroms in the men's department buying some TR jeans for my teenage son and the male SA there practically drooled on my bordeaux Mirage Speedy! He grabbed two other male SAs to look at my bag and then he said, "Look at her bag! Isn't that bag gorgeous? Look at that color effect. Is this new?" All three of them were drooling with their eyes bugged out! It was really funny to see. So we shared a few minutes talking about Louis Vuitton and the limited edition Mirage line! LOL

    So --- you will definitely get a LOT of compliments when you wear your Noir Mirage Speedy! Enjoy!!
  6. Oh that's so funny to hear! I'll prob.do the same when I see someone with a bordeaux one... it's sooo gorgious as well (maybe even a bit prettier than the black one) only not so practical with my wardrobe haha!:upsidedown:

  7. LOL I still can't get over how these 3 males were just in awe of my bag. It made me think that they were going to just leave work right that minute and run over to LV and try to get one for themselves!

    Yeah --- I really liked the black one, too, and I do wear lots of blacks so the Noir would have been a really fabulous choice for me, but the bordeaux was screaming out to me louder and I also have lots of things in my wardrobe to match the bordeaux. Heck, my living room pillows are bordeaux! LOL If my money tree sprung new leaves, I would also get the Noir, too, but I am saving for the Cruise collection. Oh well. Enjoy yours --- it is truly a work of art!!!!!:drool:
  8. Congratulations on your noir Mirage Speedy. The Mirgae Speedy is such a classic style and I truly feel that it's more versatile than the Dentelle Speedy. I'm sure that you're going to get a lot of use and compliments on the Mirage. I own a bordeaux Speedy and mother keeps asking for it - LOL.
  9. wow, that's a great first LV ... congrats!
  10. Congrats, I'm glad you chose the Mirage, I Loved this bag from the start. What color did you choose?
  11. Congrats!!! I love the noir....I chose this one as well. It's a gorgeous bag!!!!
  12. oh congrats! Please post pics :smile:
  13. ongrats...can't too see the pics!
  14. i totally can 2nd this! i used my mirage speedy the day after i got her and my mom likes to make a sport out of watching women stare at my bags (she noticed this first with my mc speedy). she said a lot of women did a double take. i've gotten complimented twice so far and i actually caught a woman staring at my bag (she wasn't too subtle LOL). but aside from that i really love this bag :smile:
  15. so exciting! wear it in good health.